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Welcome to Lotus Life Coaching

Melissa Derrick - Lotus Life Coaching I am Melissa Derrick and I support parents of special needs children to navigate obstacles and clearly define their path to peaceful and balanced lives.

The Lotus is a symbol of purity, self-transcendence and ever expanding consciousness. Despite the harsh conditions in which this beautiful flower emerges, it’s smooth and oily surface is not sullied by the mud and water in which it grows, but rather it’s radiance and beauty rise above the murky waters to dazzle us. I think of our special needs children and their families as Lotus flowers, fully capable of rising above the harsh conditions where they must learn to thrive, and with proper support, develop the smooth surface that allows them to live life in full bloom and radiance.

As the parent of a special needs child, I know your greatest challenge is finding peace and balance in your life, while knowing you are being the best possible advocate and caregiver for your child. If you have the desire to see your child, yourself, and your loved ones live in peace and harmony no matter the obstacles, you have the power within yourself to achieve this, and I can help you tap into your inner strength and wisdom to live the life you want and deserve.

I also understand the obstacles facing adolescents and adults challenged with ADHD, and have had great success in helping such individuals uncover the organizational skills and self empowerment to overcome these obstacles and live well balanced lives.

Life Coaching for Adults – College Students with Special Needs

I have worked with many parents with special needs children, and in doing so have honed in on what adults and college students struggle with once they are on their own and don’t have the full support of their families. An adult or college student with ADD or ADHD has no one to remind them that assignments are due, no one to keep tabs on their grades and insist they finish their homework, no one to remind them of that important meeting or presentation. Adults with more physical challenges have no one to help them find their way around campus, or a new office, no one to assist them in getting from point a to point b and must figure out how to manage their challenges on their own.

It can be very frustrating for special needs adults to operate in a society that is built around non-special needs individuals. Many of these adults are not aware of the public services available to them or the support and accommodations that Universities and work places must provide for them if requested. Many may feel so overwhelmed, that as a result they perform poorly at work, school, and in their social lives.

Coaching adults with special needs is one of my passions. Handing over my knowledge, encouragement, and helping them set goals that the DO achieve is a remarkable experience both for me, and for my clients. Many times I have found that this segment of the population focuses so much on what they can’t do, that they often times don’t see the full potential that they do have to succeed, live their dreams, and manage life with their unique circumstances. Many other clients can see their full potential, but just aren’t sure how to navigate to that place.
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